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Air Compressor Airends

NPS Compressed Air Parts® is a Worldwide distributor and supplier of Premium Non-OEM Air Compressor Airends manufactured and designed specifically to fit your Industrial Air Compressor System in Europe, USA, Africa, Asia, Middle East and other countries worldwide.

NPS Compressed Air Parts® is your source for to find replacement Compressor Airends to keep your air compressor machine running efficiently, effectively and operating at full capacity.

Guaranteed Airend Rebuilding

NPS Compressed Air Parts specializes in rebuilding rotary screw airends for all air compressor brands. With such a high number of remanufactured airends in the field, NPS Compressed Air Parts offers a reliable and reasonably priced alternative to factory exchange airends.

All of our rebuilds include new bearings, gaskets, seals, orings, rotor repair, oil pump rebuild, inlet valve rebuild and end plate repair as needed for your convenience. On direct drive units we also service the drive motor, clean & bake the windings and install new bearings and seals to ensure optimum performance.

All Airend Rebuilds come with our exclusive 1 or 2 year warranty.

Airend rebuild features:
Remanufactured to OEM Specs
Quick Turnaround Time
Sealing Strip Repair or Replacement
Keyway Repair
Rotor Shaft Repair
End Plate Repair
Dynamic Rotor Balancing
Drive Gear Sets in Stock
Teflon Rotor Coating
ASME Welders

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We offer replacement air compressor airends for all major manufacturers such as Hydrovane, Hitachi, Ingersoll Rand, Atlas, Ingersoll, Demag, Elmo Rietschle, Hitachi, Sullair, Atlas Copco Worldwide. Login to search online through all the different types of Air Compressor Airends we carry around Europe, USA, Africa, Asia, Middle East.

We make it Easy to Shop online for Comressed Air Parts for your Air Compressor at the lowest prices in the market. As a worldwide distributor of Air Compressor Airends , we export and sell air compressor Airends in USA, United Kingdom (UK) & Great Britain (GB), UAE & Dubai, Qatar, Middle East, KSA, Jordan, Europe, Asia, Africa.

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We Sell Air Compressor Airends Worldwide

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Atlas Copco air compressor replacement Airends in USA

Beside Air Compressor Airends we also carry:

Compressed air Air Line Filter spare parts in Middle East
Compressed Oil and Lubricants in Africa
Compressed Thermostatic Valve replacement in KSA
Air compressor Seal Kit replacement in Qatar
New Oil Stop Valve Kit replacement parts in Europe
Replacement air compressor Oil Stop Valve Kits in UAE & Dubai
Seal Kit replacement parts in United Kingdom (UK) & Great Britain (GB)
New air compressor Thermostatic Valves in Asia
Air compressor replacement Oil and Lubricants in Jordan
Air Line Filters in USA

NPS Compressed Air Parts® is a Worldwide Distributor & Supplier of Air Compressor Airends

We Export and Ship replacement Air Compressor Airends Worldwide

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