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Air Compressors Preventive Maintenance

Specialty Maintenance Programs

Reliable & Dependable Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

NPS Compressed Air Parts offers dependable and reliable Premium Scheduled Maintenance Program to ensure that your company is running efficiently at all times without interruptions. This program, also referred to as a Preventive Maintenance Program is designed to ensure that your air compressor machine has an accurate maintenance schedule that takes into consideration the type of lubricant used as well as the type of Air Filter and Oil Filter and the lifetime expectancy of each one of those elements. It also takes into consideration the number of hours that you machine is operated every week. So, for example, if your machine was serviced on 1/1/2012 and a lubricant with a lifetime of 2,000 hours was used and the machine is operated 24 hours 7 days a week then the next service date will automatically be added to the schedule of our technicians using the following calculation:

Last Service Date = 1/1/2012
Total Lifetime of Lubricant = 2,000
Number of operating hours per day = 24
So Total Lifetime of Lubricant in days = 2,000 / 24 = 83 days
So the next maintenace will be scheduled on or before 24/3/2012  (83 days after 1/1/2012)

With a relentless commitment to innovation, high-quality parts, highly experienced technicians and friendly customer service and support, NPS Compressed Air Parts has become one of the leading non-OEM suppliers of Compressor Parts as well as Air System Accessories in the Middle East Region.

We have several maintenance programs depending on your machine model as well as the number of operating hours per day.

You will have an option toeither have an Open Service Agreement, where we would come out and service your machine according to the last service date as well as the service total lifetime in hours. The second option would be to have a Service Contract where we would come out on specific date intervals and do a regular check-up and you will have an agreed on number of maintenances included within the contract time period.

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