Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Rotary Screw air compressors are positive displacement air compressors that are mostly single stage helical or spiral lobe oil flooded screw air compressor. These air compressors are made up of two rotors within a casing where the rotors compress the air internally inside the air compressor with  no valves. They are usually oil cooled (with air cooled or water cooled oil coolers) where the oil seals the internal clearances.

Since cooling occurs inside the air compressor, the components never get to extremely high operating temperatures. The rotary air compressor in hence considered a continuous operational air compressor machine.

Rotary screw air compressors are easy to maintain and operate. The Capacity control is accomplished by variable speed and variable compressor displacement. For the first control technique, a slide valve is positioned in the casing. As the compressor capacity is reduced, the slide valve opens, bypassing a portion of the compressed air back to the suction. Advantages of the rotary screw compressor include smooth, pulse-free air output in a compact size with high output volume over a long life.

The oil free rotary screw air compressor uses its uniquely designed air ends to compress air without oil in the compression chamber that outputs oil-free air quality. Oil free rotary screw air compressors are available air cooled and water cooled as to provide similar flexibility as oil flooded rotary screw air compressors when oil free air is required.

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