Oil Less & Oil Free Air Compressors

Oil Free Air Compressors for scenarios that demand a Clean Air Output supply.

Oil free air compressors supply the critical clean air needed for the industries that find it necessary to prevent contamination for the success of their business operations and safety of employees.

For food production and processing, oil free air output keeps the food safe for consumption.
In the medical industry, oil free compressors helps ensure a clean air environment in a Healthcare/Medical Industry.
Oil free air is actually necessary in the electronics industry, where tiny circuit boards must be kept free from oily residue and moisture.

For years, NPS Compressed Air Parts has been empowering precision industrial equipment from large and small manufacturers to dental offices, hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Our selection of high-quality oil free air compressors includes:
Rotary screw compressors
Industrial compressors
Portable models
Medical compressors
And more

Moreover, oil free air compressors require less maintenance than their gas-powered counterparts, make less noise, and run more quietly making them ideal for indoor use.

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