what do you need to know before doing an air compressor purchase. This will guide you through and provide you with a checklist to determine which air compressor is right for you. What is important for you to know before you buy an air compressor machine. Important facts to know before you decide which air compressor to purchase.

Air Compressor Purchasing Guideline

There are several very important aspects to think of when thinking of purchasing an air compressor.

You can find more detailed info about the Differences as well as the Advantages and Disadvantages of different types of air compressor on the Air Compressor Types – Advantages & Disadvantages page and it covers a lot of basics that you need to know and take into consideration before purchasing a new Air Compressor Unit, but here's a few more pointers: 

1.     Estimate the PSI requirements of the air tools or equipment you plan on using. In the end, you want to overestimate your CFM needs to be on the safe side. If you plan to use more than one tool at a time on a single compressor, you have to add those requirements all up and combine them.

Most air compressor reviews and suggestions suggest adding about 25% to your CFM needs.

3.     Overestimating and spending a little extra is still much better than underestimating and having to replace a whole air compressor unit. Just be careful with electrical units, because overestimating too much can easily increase your power consumption and bill.

4.     Advertising can be deceiving and misleading. So don't pay too much attention and focus on the specifications instead.

5.     Making a purchase decision on simply one spec (such as horsepower) won't guarantee that you will find a compressor that best fits your needs.

6.     Weighing your required needs as far as CFM, PSI, number of users...etc against a combination of specification factors! Striking a balance between CFM @ PSI, size of tank, as well as horsepower will tell you a lot about the actual performance of the air compressor you are looking at.

7.     Many air compressor systems might shine in certain specifications such as horsepower for example but not be as good in other areas not mentioned so be careful.

8.     Budget & Spending. Very easily and simply put, make sure that you get the best machine that you can afford. A well-chosen air compressor machine should save you money in the end.

9.     Find out as much as possible about your specific requirements. Your situation might be completely unique and could have other things you should consider that might not be mentioned in any article found online!

There is a vast amount of information out there, and the more you know the better you are off.
Searching and looking for any product reviews or consumer product reviews and specific issues and troubleshooting tickets and even asking other companies you trust will help you you out in the end.