Medical Grade Air Compressors

Essential for Patient Health in Healthcare Facilities all over the world

Many hospital and surgical tools and other medical facilities utilize compressed air for added power as well as even pressure and precision during operations and procedures. Compressed air is achieved by pulling ambient air into a compressor and putting this air under pressure. Since ambient air is usually dusty and dirty some other form of specialized filtration is needed for medical grade compressed air, to ensures that the health of the patient is not at risk. This air must be free of water and oil as well as hydrocarbons and rust particles or anything that is contaminating that may pose a threat to an infection. 

NPS Compressed Air Parts has been serving companies worldwide since 1994 with professional and reliable compressed air solutions. Our compressed air specialists can advise medical facility on the right air dryers, air filters, air regulators, and anything else needed to ensure the achievement of the the precise medical grade compressed air output you need to ensure all patient's safety.

Dental Grade Compressed Air Solutions

High Efficiency and Performance in the Medical & Healthcare Industry

A dental air compressor is a critical part of a full-service dental office. It is beyond necessary to have a dental air compressor that can handle all the daily use, but you also need an Air Compressor that is Reliable, Dependable and efficient to reduce the chances of any down time. The good news is, NPS Compressed Air Parts can help!

NPS Compressed Air Parts carries Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors, a manufacturer that makes some of the best dental air compressors in the industry. Furthermore, because we’ve been in business since 1994, we have the experience, knowledge, and skill to work on virtually any air compressor.

Medical air compressors must be reliable, durable, and ready for pretty much anything, just like the professional dentists and doctors who use it. NPS Compressed Air Parts also provides air compressor solutions from other manufacturers such as Atlas Copco, Compair, Elmo Reischle, Gardner Denver, Holman, Kaeser, and more. When high-quality is what you are looking for in a medical air compressor, we offer exceptional air purity through our solutions.

For more information on purchasing a dental air compressor, call or e-mail us today.